Startup companies have individual needs and requirements and it is important that legal advise meets their risk profile and aligns with a „Lean StartUp“ approach. But, above all else a StartUp companies should have consultants who are open minded and experienced to comprehend their ideas, share their mindset and enthusiasm.

A small number of StartUp may be elligible for our injurbator-program. We provide advice on corporate matters (incorporation, venture capital, exit). Technology and Internetlaw (e.g. data protection, ecommerce) and intellectual property (copyright, trademark etc.). Other legal matters of interest such as labour law and taxes we may cover as well or may refer to other external advisors.

Some examples from our portfolio:

  • Legal IP Strategies (trademark, design, domain registration)
  • Data protection
  • Ecommerce (terms and conditions, privacy policy)
  • Legal management
  • Corporate law (incorporation, company charter)
  • Software contracts
  • License agreements
  • Labor contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Know-How protection
  • Media law
  • Examination and evaluation of your business model